Back Office Services and Maintenance

Our team provides multiple levels of service. The actual services and deliverables will be customized to your needs with a clear scope of work and the best applicable tools and practices. We will put together a scope of work and monthly flat fee to include everything you need, and we can always change up our scope and services later to better suit your needs.

Our goal is to help you manage your accounting, back office, and business as a whole in the most efficient and effective manner. You can choose your service level to start, and we can adjust to better suit your needs at any time as you grow.

Our Service Levels

Every business is different which means the level of assistance needed from us will vary significantly. We provide the team, tools, and resources no matter what, but it is up to you decide what level of service you think you need.

Self Service Model

Do it your-self

Manage and pay your own bills, invoice your customers

Reconcile the books and match transactions on your own

Get unlimited support from a dedicated HPC Accountant

We will do a monthly review, publish reports, ‘close your books’, and offer advice and feedback each month

  • Keep costs low
  • Use in house resources
  • Support whenever you need it so you're never 'stuck'
  • Piece of mind, monthly review and feedback, and a flexible, scalable solution for outsourcing later

Outsourced Accounting and Advisory

We’ll do the work for you

Dedicated accountant with unlimited support, weekly reconciliation, bill-pay, payroll customer invoicing, expense reporting – you name it, chances are we can help.

Dedicated VCFO for business advisory with unlimited support, custom reporting dashboard, cash flow forecasting, business analytics, periodic business meetings, and the advice you need to help measure and grow your business.

A team with a custom set of tools and processes to help you manage your business, and make sure you always have the reports, insight, and oversight you need in order to be successful and focus on what matters.

  • Up-to-date reports with numbers that actually mean something to you, and VCFO advice to use them for growth
  • We can do it all or just fill the gaps for you
  • Get it all for one flat monthly fee

Concierge Model

All hands on deck just for you!

A concierge account manager to manage everything you could possibly need now and as you grow

All the outsourced services, team members, and tools we could possibly offer will all be yours with no if, ands, or buts – practically nothing is off the table or out of scope for our concierge customers.

We’ll even open your mail, talk with your stakeholders, provide daily (not weekly) services, and will anticipate and respond to your every need and want.

Exclusive access to our CEO and membership, tools, and/or advice that are usually billed at a premium or may not even be available to our non-concierge level customers.

  • You and your team do as little as possible and we can always do more as things change
  • No discussions about changes in scope or fees - one monthly fee will cover it all indefinitely
  • Total piece of mind