Trying to get your business started in the US from Abroad?

It’s possible that all you want to do is tap into the US market with a bank account and an employee or distribution channel. However, you would soon find out that you actually cannot set up a bank or hire an ‘employee’ until you have a Federal ID number, an address, a company, and a series of registrations.

Now what?

You could form your U.S. company on your own with a service – but this takes time and research, and if done incorrectly – can create unnecessary risks and leave your company vulnerable to large penalties and fees.

You could use an attorney to form your company – which can become pricey and ultimately you will still need some tax advice to setup the best structure.


Let HPC Help You Get Formed, Started, and Growing In The US

We can help with:

  • The Paperwork – forming your actual company, obtaining ID numbers, state registrations
  • Address and Banking – we’ll get you an address and help you open your US bank account
  • Formation Advice – how, where, and what to form, guidance and expectations as you form and for when you grow
  • Tax Advice – Nexus, income tax, cross border transactions, transfer pricing, sales taxes, payroll taxes, we will cover it all to make sure you know what it will take to keep you in full compliance

How else will you benefit from working with HPC?

  • One-stop Shop – We will give you the advice you need, transform a rigorous task into a very simple and hands-off process for you. and HPC will follow through with the setup of the best accounting solution, and then the long term support and advice you need to be successful and compliant. It’s not all about the formation, it’s about the long term plan and everything we and/or any of our partners can do to help you get there.
  • Our Network is Yours – We have built up quite the network of foreign advisors and best in class SaaS companies to provide a global solution. They are all resources that we can introduce and share with you, if or when it makes sense. Collaborating with your current local advisors abroad is another way that HPC can provide support.
  • Predictable and Flexible – Everything we do is on a flat fee and depends on what you need. We will customize our entire solution to fit your needs, and will summarize it in an outline so you know exactly what everything will cost and when it will be completed. We will also help set expectations for what services and costs might be associated as you grow.