Doing Business in the United States: What You Need to Know About Immigration

If you’re thinking of expanding your business to the United States, there are immigration requirements you need to consider. Here, I’ll break down what you need to know about immigration including visas, green cards and if you need a tax ID number. Visas and Green Cards Foreign companies that wish to do business in the U.S. should think about obtaining a green card or work visa. So what’s the difference?…  Read more

HPC Client Featured Case Study: ‘Global Tech Companies Need A Global Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Growth Solution’

Written by Matt Nyman | @nymanmatt Find me on: LinkedIn Twitter Google+ SaaS & Technology, Doing Business in the United States, Professional Services Solutions How Did This Self Funded Aussie Tech Startup Find It’s Way Into The U.S.? Bang the Table started in 2004, founded by Matthew Crozier and Crispin Butteriss. Matt and Crispin started the business with a vision, then invested in the platform and infrastructure, and launched to begin helping Australian communities and government organizations to…  Read more

Webinar Video: “U.S. Nexus & Sales Tax”

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC Find me on: LinkedIn Twitter Knowing when to collect sales tax and how much to collect is a big problem for many business owners in the United States, particularly online sellers, businesses that operate in multiple states and foreign business owners new to the U.S. In this webinar, we will discuss when to collect sales tax, U.S. Nexus, how much sales tax to collect, and…  Read more

Common Issues and Questions When Expanding a Business to The U.S.

Written by Matt Nyman | @nymanmatt Doing Business in the United States There is a lot to consider when expanding your business to the US. We have received a series of specific questions and find ourselves addressing a common trend of issues and concerns for our Global Small Business clients. Here is a short list of some of the real life example questions and issues we have come across and…  Read more

Where is the Accounting Industry Headed? A Xerocon Insider’s Edition

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC Xero, Doing Business in the United States Attending the Xerocon in San Francisco and Brisbane really gave me a first hand hand look into the future of the accounting industry and how the cloud really fits into that future. There was great forward thinking perspective shared at these conferences and now I want to share my observations with you. 1) More companies and accountants…  Read more

Webinar Video: “Expanding to the United States and Collaborating with Foreign Advisors” for Global Businesses

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC Doing Business in the United States Businesses want to do expand to the US and internationally for multiple reasons, but will find out early on that it is fairly complicated. They will need advice and resources, and their local advisor isn’t going to have all the answers, but what they can have is a resource. For some helpful tips, check out this recent webinar…  Read more

Our Free Resources for Businesses Getting Started in The U.S. from Abroad

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC For years now HPC has been helping businesses expand into the U.S. In 2016 we have been actively sharing our knowledge, experience and advice as it relates to starting a business in the U.S. from abroad. We have built online resources, facilitated monthly in depth webinars, and have continued to speak with and assist small business owners from various countries around the world. Below is…  Read more

Accounting Trends: Going Global

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC I recently joined Wayne Schmidt of Karbon and Greg Sheehan from RightWay for a discussion of how physical boundaries to serving accounting and bookkeeping clients are receding rapidly. It’s amazing how quickly cloud accounting technology has made it possible for our firm to serve clients all over the world in a cost-effective way. Here’s the recording of that webinar.  Read more

How to Set Up Your U.S. Company — Webinar Recording

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC Thinking about doing business in the United States? For some helpful tips, check out the recording of our recent webinar, “How to Set Up Your United States Company” on YouTube. In this recording, I share my best practices for the following topics: When you need a U.S. entity and when you don’t What entity type to choose Where to incorporate How to register your U.S. entity…  Read more

How Cloud Accounting Technology Is Helping Small Business Go Global

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC Just 10 years ago, doing business abroad was a huge undertaking for a small business owner. Now, the digital revolution has made the whole world accessible. In just about every industry, there’s been an increasing worldwide reliance on cross-border trading. Even the smallest service or product can now expand on a global scale. Triggered by the 2008 recession, generational changes, and globalization, a massive shift is underway…  Read more

How To Start Doing Business In the United States (Webinar & Guide)

Written by Bruce Phillips | @Bruce_HPC Are you thinking about expanding your business to the U.S.? Recently, the HPC team presented a webinar for business owners (and their accountants) interested in doing business in the United States. This particular webinar is targeted to Australian and Kiwi firms, but the content is relevant to just about anyone looking to establish a U.S. entity. You can watch “How to Expand Your Australian or New Zealand Business to the United States” on…  Read more