Back Office and Accounting System Setup

We have a 3 phase approach for every client. Our implementation will cover every part of your business and setup a system that meets all your needs and wants. They will work with you, your team, our tax group, as well as our accountants and advisors to ensure nothing is overlooked during the design and implementation of your efficient back-office solution. This enables us to provide a seamless transition to your long term dedicated HPC team members too.

Setting Up Your Back Office and Accounting System

Once you are formed and registered, our experienced implementation team will work through the following 3 phases with you.


Phase 1 of Setup

Gather all necessary documentation, information, accesses, etc with our onboarding team

Do initial review and kick-off call with your team and ours

Review reporting requirements, current systems and procedures

  • Experienced team and processes to ensure the process is seamless
  • Clear expectations and objectives from the start, no surprises
  • Evaluate most appropriate next steps and begin workflow design with our implementation team

Workflow Design

Phase 2 of back-office setup

Review historical transactions, and/or foreign accounting system and workflow

Discuss who’s involved, when and how things should be done, involvement and detail you need

Evaluate add-ons to best manage your back office and streamline accounting and operations

  • No need to learn the hard way, or waste time with manual processes
  • Our team knows your industry and what you need, and will help you find THE solutions that fits you best
  • Custom, scalable, proven solutions before implementation to avoid more work or headaches later


Phase 3 of 3 

Setup Xero file – customized for your needs and structured for proper US compliance

Setup and integrate any applicable add-ons

Provide training for you and your team

Hand off to an ongoing, dedicated accounting resource at HPC to support you

  • Everything you need setup and working as it should
  • Everyone involved knows their role and can do it effectively, efficiently, and from mobile
  • Smooth transition to dedicated ongoing resources to support you and do some or all of the work

Every business is different, so the timing, fees, and exact scope of these 3 phases will vary. We will ensure you know exactly what will be covered and what to expect before we begin.

We will have a flat fee for each phase, and can evaluate your needs, how we can help, as well as applicable scope and fees, before wrapping up our first free consultation call.