Meet our CEO


Bruce A. Phillips is a seasoned CPA and a passionate advocate for cloud technology. Having not only run his CPA firm for 25 years, but also serving as a CFO and COO of tech start-ups, he was an early adopter of cloud technology for accounting and other businesses. A well-known name in the SaaS industry, Bruce has been a key beta tester for several cloud technologies and was profiled as early as 2010 by several key players in the industry. More recently he has been featured by Xero, Expensify, Gusto, Receipt Bank, and Hubdoc, all of whom he has close relationships with.

Prior to co-founding his accounting firm, HPC (formerly Harshman, Phillips & Company), Bruce spent seven years at E&Y, including two years as an Audit Manager. As he helped clients navigate the challenging tax and compliance environments in each role, he gained invaluable insight into best (and not-so-best) practices for conducting business and the myriad of ways technology can enhance business efficiency.

“I really enjoy learning about the latest technologies and how I can use them to better my clients, as well as my own company,” says Bruce. Not only were his clients and HPC reaping the benefits of his love of cloud technology, but so were his peers. “More and more colleagues were coming to me and asking for advice on how to change over to cloud-based services or help their clients make the switch. Since I always advocate to do what you love, it was a no-brainer to embrace this new endeavor and help others learn to take advantage of the available technology.”

Bruce is a graduate of The College of William and Mary where he earned his degree in Accounting. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, he now calls Atlanta, Georgia home. When he’s not assisting clients with their cloud technology needs or providing accounting advice, Bruce is a wine enthusiast, an active tennis player and a passionate traveler.

Our Team

Our team spans across the United States with team members in well over 16 states and we even have one team member living in Australia. HPC is virtual, allowing us to hire the best team members based off experience, not proximity. It also helps facilitate collaborating with the network of staff, international advisors we work with, and of course our clients. Our team and clients often feel closer and in more communication than they ever were at their previous brick and mortar local firm.